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Prototek Manufacturing began in 1987 as a family owned and operated business as a supplier of quick turn precision sheetmetal and machined products for the prototype markets. Today we are still a family owned and operated business. Prototek Sheet Metal Fabrication specializes in rapid prototyping of precision sheet metal and machined prototypes, short run productions, and quick turn around products and apply the most state of the art and comprehensive processes to meet the competitive demands of the industry. Prototek also uses the latest software packages including Pro E – Solidworks – AutoCAD – CadKey – FabriWin – to accommodate our rapid prototyping of precision sheet metal and machining prototyping way of business.

Prototek Sheet Metal fabricates custom precision Sheet metal using the following materials:
Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Spring Steel, titanium, inconel,
Copper, Brass, Tubing, Channel, G-10, LEX-AN, Phenolic, etc…

We now have the largest 4000 Watt Laser Cell in the northeast, and have acquired two Amada laser/turret combination cells. For prototype custom laser cutting please call for more information.

Prototek Manufacturing, LLC
244 Burnham Intervale Rd
Contoocook, NH 03229

Toll Free 800-403-9777

Local 603-746-2001
Fax 603-746-2002

Prototek Global Manufacturing Canada

Prototek Global Manufacturing UK

Prototek CNC Bending and Forming Department Virtual Tour


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CNC Bending and Forming Department

HDS 1303
RGM2 5020
RGM2 8024

4′ Diacro Press Brake Hydro-Mechanical
6′ Power Rollers
2 ‘ Hand Roller (Tubing, Channel, Rod, Etc.)

Prototek Manufacturing Introducing Instaquote Online Quoting


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Contoocook, NH – November 12, 2013 – Prototek Global Manufacturing has seen a need for an online quoting system for budgetary purposes. We believe our customers should be allowed to quickly choose a few variables from a drop-down list on our website, and receive an instant, accurate quote, according to their part’s requirements. As the leaders in quick turn precision prototypes, that is exactly what we intend to bring you.

Our new proprietary online quoting program, InstaQuote®, will fill the void that companies have inaccurately assumed is inherent in the industry. There will be no more need to wait for a quotation, only to find you could change a design element or two and save on manufacturing time and cost. Upon visiting our InstaQuote® page for the first time, you will request an account, and an email will be sent back to you shortly with your login credentials. Once logged into your account, there will be a quick tutorial on how InstaQuote works, and then you will be able to process as many budgetary InstaQuote®s as you would like, as well as view previous quotations, place an order, or submit payment for a job.


Using InstaQuote® is fast and simple. Customers would select their material type and thickness from a drop-down, then how many cutouts, counter sinks, taps, and bends there are, along with a few other variables that may pertain to their job. You may also feel free to go back and change any of your options at any time. After being  satisfied with your InstaQuote®, clicking a Submit button would email both parties the end result as well as saving it to your online account.


Prototek’s niche has always been quick turn precision sheet metal and CNC machined parts. InstaQuote® is the only program of its kind, and we know this will become the industry standard for prototype budgetary analysis.

The Prototek team is very excited to bring to you exactly what you have been waiting for.


About Prototek Global Manufacturing

Prototek Global Manufacturing started in October of 1987 specializing in quick turn precision prototyping and short run production of sheet metal and CNC machined parts for the high tech industries. Their facility is a new 50,000 sq. ft. building, equipped with the highest standards of machinery in the industry to date, and is constantly adding more to their collection, including a full plating, painting, powdercoating, and silkscreen lines in-house.

Prototek’s niche has always been a solid commitment to on-time deliveries of quality products. They fabricate from CAD (computer aided design) files or reverse engineer from existing models to enhance functionality. Prototek keeps a large, constant supply of necessary materials, sheet metal stock, machinable plastics and metal, and PEM hardware.

Prototek is ISO 9001:2008 certified, ITAR, DFAR, and RoHS compliant.

Prototek Global Manufacturing ships world wide, and can produce most parts in a single day when required.


Prototek Sheet Metal Fabrication, LLC

Keith Isabelle, GM

244 Burnham Intervale Road

Contoocook, NH

603-746-2001 (phone)

603-746-2002 (fax)

Monday – Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm EST

Prototek Pem Hardware Stock and Insertion Department


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Prototek Manufacturing keeps thousands of types and sizes of hardware in stock, organized using the proven kanban system. We carry almost every size of the following PEM types:

  • AC
  • CLA
  • CLS
  • CLSS
  • CSOS
  • CSS
  • F
  • FE
  • FEOX
  • FH
  • FFH
  • FHS
  • HFH
  • HN
  • KF
  • LAC
  • LAS
  • LK
  • LKS
  • S
  • SO
  • SOA
  • SOS
  • SOSG
  • SP
  • SS
  • TD
  • TPS

824 Plus 8 Ton Haeger Pem Setter with Autofeed
HP6-C 6 Ton Haeger Pem Setter with Removable Lower Tool Holder
HP6-C 6 Ton Haeger Pem Setter with Autofeed
Haeger 840-wt-4e

Prototek Virtual Tour Welding Department


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1 – 80 KVA Programmable Amada Spot Welder
1 – 30 KVA Spot Welder
1 – 100 AMP SP100 Lincoln Mig Welder
1 – 250 AMP Miller Syncrowave Welder
1 – 300 AMP ES-AB Tig Welder
4 – 300 AMP Miller Square Wave Welders
1 – Miller 250 AMP Syncrowave Tig Welder

Prototek Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Quality Control


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Prototek Manufacturing

Prototek Quality Control

Prototek Manufacturing guarantees quality. From raw material inspection to delivery of the completed product, our Quality Department oversees every stage of production. Prototek Sheetmetal Fabrication conforms to exacting standards as outlined in client-vendor certification programs.

1 – Mitutoyo CMM 706
1 – Fowler F14-A Comparator

Prototek Global Manufacturing UK


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Prototek Global Manufacturing (PGM) UK is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision sheet metal and precision CNC machined prototypes. The fastest deliveries to England, London, and the rest of the United Kingdom, let alone the rest of the world.

PGM has a team of engineers to help our customers in the research and development of their products, working with the latest technologies in 3D Solid Modeling softwares.

PGM’s modern 5000 sq meter facility has the latest technological advancements in CNC Machines and material requirements planning (MRP) softwares to eliminate redundant and secondary operations, saving time and money so that PGM can remain competitive in our global market place.

From prototype to short run production, PGM has the fastest delivery times in the manufacturing industry. All while maintaining the highest level of quality.
PGM’s facility consists of a full Precision Sheet Metal division including the latest advancements in laser cutting, punching, forming, welding and hardware installations. A full CNC machine shop, painting and powder coating lines and a modern environmentally friendly plating system, silk screening, assembly, laser marking and more. Manufacturing needs are increasing in the UK, and we see an opportunity to begin forging new customer relationships as the needs of the precision manufacturing industry increases in Europe. We can finish parts in a day when required, and have them shipped to London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, and anywhere else in the UK in a just a few more days. We are truly excited to be able to lend an outstretched hand, and wish to prove our excellence in the years to come.

Prototek Processing Cells CNC Lasers and CNC Turrets


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Amada 4000 watt Pulsar 2415 5′ X 16′ Cell
Our Pulsar laser can cut through thin and thick materials, including .500″ steel, at an accelerated rate due to the quality of oxygen and nitrogen we purchase to be sure all jobs are cut as cleanly as possible to decrease production times.

Amada Vipros Queen
33 Ton Capacity
50″ x 144″ Mazimum Sheet Size
58 Station Turret
520 Hits/Minute

(2x) Amada LC-C1 Laser/Turret combo machine
Prototek’s C1 combinationlLaser/turret punch presses offers many enhancedpProcessing capabilities, including tapping all common standard and metric taps and countersinking to decrease processing time and get parts to our customers even sooner.

5 – Whitney Jenson 24″ Throat Kick Presses
5″ Power Notcher


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