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Prototek is known for their rapid production rates of precision sheet metal and machined products. They are also known for implementing an entire prototype shop under one roof, including painting, powder coating, assembly, welding, and hardware fastener departments, to name a few. But one of these departments just received a major tech boost.

Enter the Haeger 840-WT-4E hardware fastener machine. This machine stands out from the rest in many ways, including its LCD touchscreen, where operators can save jobs and program all operations into one setup. This is accomplished with its built in four auto feed bowls, with a change over rate of 95% faster than previous models, allowing the changing out of one hardware type in 10 seconds, as opposed to three minutes. This new auto feed systems allows for a feed rate of 40 fasteners per minute. The 4E also comes equipped with tool storage in the side of the machine, and can store all necessary tools for a single job, swapping them out automatically as a part is processed. This machine takes all the time out of setting up jobs in the hardware department, and even allows operators to install hardware in small enclosed boxes like never before possible. Each part will be processed quickly and efficiently with the option of installing hardware in aluminum, steel, stainless steel or copper parts. The machine will use the corresponding pressure based on material and fastener type. With organization, familiarity, and accuracy key in the pemserter department, Prototek is hoping to save their customers even more time on their just-in-time prototype parts.