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CNC programming requires technicians to use computers in order to control machine tools for the purpose of repeatedly manufacturing complex parts (usually metal). Using a program written in the complex G-Code notation, technicians ensure that all products adhere to the same precise measurements. CNC Mastercam was one of the first companies to produce the necessary software for this particular industry. Mastercam changed the way we produce and build. In a way, Mastercam helped pave the way for the last 60 years of industrial growth.

Prototek Precision Machining utilizes Solidworks, Pro e and AutoCAD to import you designed files. This allows us to program your parts by using a variety of software like Camworks, Gibbs cam, Mastercam and Winmax based on which program is suited best for your machined parts. We then send programs to our vertical maching centers or our turning centers; this process aids us in the rapid prototyping of precision machining production of your machined parts.