Prototek is the first manufacturing company in the world to allow customers to check out their facility right from their computer with Google Business View.

Prototek boasts some of the best machinery in the quick turn prototyping and short run production industry, and now customers can see it for themselves with the aid of Business View. Starting from outside the front of the building, you can walk right through the front office and onto the shop floor, where you can see all of Prototek’s machines, departments, and fully integrated operations layed out in the order which parts are processed. Walking down the center of the shop, you see their 4000 watt Amada Pulsar on the right, along with their two Amada LC-C1 laser/turret combos and Amada Vipros Queen. Then you see the deburring department on the left with their new SteelMaster deburring/graining machine. Moving on, on the left you see their brake department with a full arsenal of machines of every size, up to 140 tons. After that, on the right, you see their new Haeger 840-WT 4E fully programmable hardware insertion machine with four autofeeders and touchscreen computer built in, as well as their full stock of all PEM hardware organized in proven kan-ban system. Continuing on, for the parts requiring anodize, chromate, paint, or powdercoat finish, you can take a left turn into the post-processing department. If not, you continue forward to pass the welding and grinding departments. Prototek has a colossal sheet metal cantillevered racking system you can see on your right, then comes the assembly and inspection departments. Shipping is on the right, or you can continue around to the left, passing the CNC machine shop’s inspection office, where you’ll see the impressive Mitutoyo CMM machine and Fowler F14-A comparator. Keep going, and you reach their machine shop department. In here, along with their nine cnc machines they have, you can also find their new Mazak Nexus and Behringer Fully Automatic Band Saw.

Prototek does everything in its power to remain at the head of the industry, taking every opportunity to implement new technologies as they are released to replace the old. Google Business View allowed for a unique opportunity for improving their customers’ understanding of what they do, and the kind of organization and efficiency that allows them to finish parts in a single day if necessary.

About Prototek Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Prototek Sheet Metal Manufacturing started in October of 1987 specializing in rapid prototyping and short run production of sheet metal and CNC machined parts for the hi-tech industries. Their facility is a new 40,000 sq. ft. building. Prototek currently has over 65 employees and are home to state of the art welding and bending departments, as well as plating rooms, assembly department, and much more. Prototek’s niche has always been a solid commitment to on-time deliveries of quality products. They fabricate from CAD (computer aided design) files or reverse engineer from existing models to enhance functionality. Prototek keeps a large, constant supply of necessary materials, sheet metal stock, machinable plastics and metal, and PEM hardware. Prototek is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified and also ITAR and DFAR compliant.

Prototek Sheet Metal Fabrication, LLC
Bruce Isabelle, CEO
244 Burnham Intervale Road
603-746-2001 (phone)
603-746-2002 (fax)
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm EST