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Contoocook, NH – March 13, 2013 – Prototek Sheet Metal Fabrication is proud to be reporting another expasion of 3,000 square feet is under way for a new metal anodizing and chromating facility. This new department will not only be state-of-the-art in material plating efficiency; it will also be ACGIH, SMACNA, OSHA, and RoHS compliant and recognized as a Zero-Waste closed-loop treatment center.

Once only capable of handling 15% of their plating requirements in-house, Prototek will now be fully equipped to process over 95% of their precision sheet metal and cnc machined parts that require type I and type II anodizing, clear chromate, gold chromate, hardcoat anodize, and passivation on stainless steel, as well as adding zinc chromate and electroless nickel within the next two years.

Prototek will be utilizing a closed loop ion exchange wastewater treatment and air pollution system controlled from a batch reactor tank superstructure observation platform. The 500 gallon plating tanks and 1,000 gallon treatment tank will be constructed from all natural polypropylene, and an ozone unit will be installed throughout the system to prevent algae growth and maintain cleanliness around the clock. Ion-exchange bottles will help remove any contaminants from the system, recycling the contents back to high quality deionized reusable water.

This fully-certified Zero-Discharge/Zero-Emission plating facility set up is no small project. Everything will be built custom for Prototek’s requirements, from the 65 feet of catwalk dry floor configuration with spill containment flooring to the monorail hoists, boiler, and plating containers. Overall, this will be a 6 month project that will cost around $800,000. Most of the operations will be controlled by automated computer systems will a full alarm system built in. This allows Prototek personnel to focus on what really matters, which is finishing the customers’ parts with the highest level of quality in the shortest time period possible. Prototek always seems to be pushing the possibilities, and this eco-friendly titan of plating lines will allow Prototek to manufacture larger assemblies than ever before in-house. Plating more jobs within their facility translates to faster lead times and higher quality finished products than ever before. What more would you expect from the leaders of precision sheet metal and cnc machined products?

About Prototek Global Manufacturing:
Prototek Global Manufacturing started in October of 1987 specializing in quick turn precision prototyping and short run production of sheet metal and CNC machined parts for the high tech industries. Their facility is a new 50,000 sq. ft. building, equipped with the highest standards of machinery in the industry to date, and is constantly adding more to their collection, including a full plating, painting, powdercoating, and silkscreen lines in-house.
Prototek’s niche has always been a solid commitment to on-time deliveries of quality products. They fabricate from CAD (computer aided design) files or reverse engineer from existing models to enhance functionality. Prototek keeps a large, constant supply of necessary materials, sheet metal stock, machinable plastics and metal, and PEM hardware.
Prototek is ISO 9001:2008 certified, ITAR, DFAR, and RoHS compliant.
Prototek Global Manufacturing ships world wide, and can produce most parts in a single day when required.

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