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Design2Parts are always a success, and the most recent event at Secaucus, New Jersey was no exception. There were over one hundred suppliers and manufacturers there and the exhibition stayed full and busy on April 9th and 10th. It is the largest design and contract manufacturing show in the country, after all.

Prototek Sheetmetal Fabrication was one of the precision sheet metal and CNC machining fabricators that made it to Secaucus this year. Prototek’s sales representative and programmer had this to say to any potential customers when questioned about what they do

“Prototek Manufacturing is located in Contoocook, New Hampshire. Prototek deals with customers both here is North America and over in Europe as well.

“Prototek basically specializes, like I said, in sheet metal. So these are some of the parts we have. As you can see, a lot of intricate bending, hardware. We do in-house processes such as plating, painting, powder coating and silkscreening.

“We’ve certainly had companies over in Europe itself that have actually wanted to come over into the US and build parts, have parts built, and they come looking for us obviously because of the turn around time. So it’s very important, people need their parts done rather quickly, and again, that’s what we specialize in. So if you’re looking for any quick turn, or short run production, whether it be sheet metal or CNC machining, we are the source you need to look for.

“We’re a one-stop-shop where we can do plating, painting, silkscreening, powder coating, all in-house. We are an ITAR certified, ISO certified company.

“Contact us and we’ll meet all your needs. Again, it’s all about customer requirements, and we’re there for you.”