Prototek Engineeering And Programming

Prototek Manufacturing can open native Solidworks, Pro e, AutoCAD, Inventor, Plus many others. Our engineers are fluent with each of these software programs and we own many seats of these softwares.

Prototek Manufacturing can engineer your projects from your ideas or help you in your design process.

Prototek Manufacturing Has the following software in house to simplify our process:

For sheet metal punching, Laser and Laser/Punching Combo (The new C1)

*SolidWorks-Multiple seats
*MetalSoft Fabriwin 11
*Metal Soft IntelliNest

For sheet metal Forming(Bending) for offline programming

*Bend Com
*Bend Cam

For Machining we use the following Software


This allows us to program your parts by using a variety of software like Camworks, Gibbs cam, Mastercam and Winmax based on which program is suited best for your fabricated parts. We then send programs to our laser, punchpress or maching centers; this process aids us in the rapid production of your fabricated parts.

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