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Contoocook, NH –June 13, 2014

As part of their objective to provide their customers with the highest quality materials, Prototek has recently learned of a toxic chemical masquerading as a superior element providing desired characteristics in some powder coats

This chemical is known as TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate), and has been added to some polyester powder coats to enhance its cover and binder. TGIC’s effects, unfortunately, have also shown negative characteristics in lab tests. According to http://hse.gov.uk, TGIC has a time-weighted average (safe exposure limit) of 0.1 mg/m^3 for 8 hours.

TGIC is classified under the Chemicals Regulation 2002 as toxic, irritant, sensitizing, mutagenic, and dangerous for the environment. It poses the risk of serious damage to eyes, toxic if inhaled or swallowed, causes skin to become overly sensitive, may cause heritable genetic damage, harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in aquatic environments, and more undesirable effects. It is for this reason that Prototek has made the decision to stop carrying TGIC powder coats.

Prototek will no longer be stocking TGIC powder coats as part of their Green Initiative, due to the harmful effects it has on its employees and the environment. Many companies aren’t aware of the toxicity of this chemical on their fabricated parts, so Prototek will begin requesting that customers’prints and CAD files that request powder coats with the following designated charactersswitch over to a non-TGIC powder coat alternative:

  • Cardinal
    Part numbers starting with a “T”
  • Dupont

Part numbers starting with a “P”

  • Sherwin Williams

Part numbers starting with a “P”

  • Tiger Drylac

Part numbers starting with “#39” or “#49”

  • Americoats

Part numbers starting with “T”

  • Protech

Part numbers starting with “P”

  • TCI

Part numbers starting with “9”

Prototek Sheetmetal, LLC started in October of 1987 specializing in quick turn precision prototyping and short run production of sheet metal and CNC machined parts for the high tech industries. Their facilities total over 60,000 square feet, equipped with the highest standards of machinery in the industry to date, and is constantly adding more to their collection, including a full plating, painting, powder coating, and silk screen lines in-house.

Prototek’s niche has always been a solid commitment to on-time deliveries of quality products. They fabricate from CAD (computer aided design) files or reverse engineer from existing models to enhance functionality. Prototek keeps a large, constant supply of necessary materials, sheet metal stock, machinable plastics and metal, and PEM hardware.

Prototek is ISO 9001:2008 certified, ITAR, DFAR, FAR, SAM, and RoHS compliant, as well as a BBB A+ accredited, and a WOSB certified company.

Prototek Sheetmetal, LLC ships world wide, and can produce most parts in a single day when required.


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